Himitsubako puzzle box 6sun 10steps +4steps Mt. Fuji design

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This authentic yosegi marquetry himitsubako puzzle box can be opened with10 slides, but this also has an extra secret space on the back of the box after opening the main container with 4 extra moves.

The front design of this box is inlayed Mt. Fuji and the back panel is inlayed with crane, which is a symbol of longevity.

This +4 feature is very unusual, so even for those people, who are familiar with what himitsubako is, might not be able to notice the second space (The second space is very shallow and you can hide something very thin like cards and folded letters etc)

1sun is about 3cm, so 6sun means 18cm wide.

This is all made of wood and made in Japan.

External size: 18.4x 12.8x 9.4cm
Internal size: 13.4x10.6x6.3cm
(the second internal size is unmeasured, but you can hide things like cards and bank notes etc)

About shipping
As for the box with this size, EMS is the only option we ship.
When you purchase 1 box, the shipping cost is as displayed, but when you order more than one, the shipping cost will vary depending on the total weight, so additional shipping cost will be charged.

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¥20,000 tax included