Small box Block R by Osamu Kasho

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This block doesn't look like a box at all, but it looks like just a simple carved wooden block and it doesn't even make any sound at all, even when you shake it.

The movement is actually very simple, but it has been made meticulously well and even when you study the every details of the surface, you will not notice which area can be moved.

Block C and R are very similar, but they are also slightly different too.

You should give it a try and also it will be fun to let your friends try to open the box and observe how they approach it.

Craftsman : Osamu Kasho
Size (box body) : 60×60×45mm
Size (strage space) : 35×50×35mm
Material : walnut, magnolia

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Epacket is the cheaper option but it will take 4 to 7 days for the delivery and the insurance is upto 6,000yen, but the shipping cost is a lot cheaper.

When you purchase 1 box, the shipping cost is as displayed, but when you order more than one, the shipping cost will vary depending on the total weight, so additional shipping cost will be charged.

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¥4,500 tax included