Covered chimney by Hiroshi Iwahara

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This box was originally created over 15 years ago, but he hadn't had a chance to reproduce it again. He redesigned it with different woods used, so it might have made the box a little easier to open.

He said this box was quite popular at an exhibition they held then with the unique moves and also how it opens is surprising.

Those of you who obtained his Christmas present 2021 version might have noticed the similarity in the design and the idea actually comes from this box, so this work has also been interesting as a historical value of his puzzle box development, I would say.

Craftsman : Hiroshi Iwahara
Size (box body) : 84×84×85mm
Size (strage space) : 24×24×45mm
Material : walnut, maple, zebra wood, wendge, etc.

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¥23,000 tax included