Bara-Bara Box:philosopher by Mr. Osamu Kasho

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This box was created by Mr. Osamu Kasho as a part of collaborative work with a small doll “Kobito” creator Kohbo Alp.
The box consists of 5 sections, which all come apart to reveal 2 storage areas.
You have to remember the exact moves in order to put it back together, so you can enjoy both opening and closing of the puzzle box.

This beautiful doll is very small but made really precisely.
This box is based on the Bara-Bara box with a snowman, which was created in 2019, but the few extra steps are added to that.
About Kobo Alp, please check his Instagram account.
Kobo Alp

Craftsman : Osamu Kasho
Size (box body) : 60×60×90mm
Size (storage part) : 30×48×10mm,30×48×8mm
Material : walnut, chanchin, oak, magnolia, rose wood, maple

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¥16,250 tax included