Ring box 2-2 by Hideaki Kawashima

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the last one


The puzzle boxes created by Mr. Kawashima tend to be mechanical and often involves many steps to open, but his ring box is not really a storage box, but the aim of this box is to remove the ring inside.

The rings on the top of the lid are not drawing, but it are inlaid and it comes with the metal ring.

The first lid opens easily just like a normal box, but once you open the lid, you will notice that a ring is already stored in it, but the ring does not come off easily by pulling it. How can you remove it? That is the goal.

He does not recommend this box to be used for other rings of your own, because it might break the ring or the box itself, but it would be a perfect present if you can put the ring of your choice for engagement etc, but with your own risk. I assume that as long as it is simple and thin ring without a huge stone, you will be able to put it inside.

Craftsman : Hideaki Kawashima
Size (box body) : 55 ×55 ×41mm
Size (strage space) : 41 ×41 ×14mm
Material : purple heart, maple, keyaki (zelkova), cloth

About shipping
As for this box, we recommend to use EMS, because it is safe and faster, but we can also use the cheaper e packet service if you want, but the insurance is upto 6,000yen, so when there is any damage, or being lost, it will not be fully insured with epacket, but it will be fully insured with EMS.

When you purchase 1 box, the shipping cost is as displayed, but when you order more than one, the shipping cost will vary depending on the total weight, so additional shipping cost will be charged.

But this box is fairly light, so you can add some more boxes with the same shipping cost as long as the weight is bellow 500g.

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¥20,000 tax included