Parabox 2 Karakuri box by Mr. Akio Kamei

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The name "Parabox" derives from the combined words "paradox" and "box".
It is the shape of a Japanese traditional treasure box. When you untie the strings, you can open the first lid easily by lifting it, but you will quickly find out that the second lid it tightly locked.
It looks very simple, but it is really well made and I was honestly very surprised by the solution and I quite like it.

It is relatively heavy box weighing around 600g. The surface finishes are also carefully done and It is pretty as a display item on your shelf hiding something very personal thing in it from your family. If they don't know the answer, your secret will be secured even when the box is visible from everyone around it. How fun is that!

Craftsman : Akio Kamei
Size (box body) : 120×100×83mm
Size (storage space) : 84×64×56mm
Material : cherry, etc.

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As for the box with this size, EMS is the only option we ship.
When you purchase 1 box, the shipping cost is as displayed, but when you order more than one, the shipping cost will vary depending on the total weight, so additional shipping cost will be charged.

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¥35,000 tax included